Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Chipped Tooth

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A chipped tooth can be startling, but if it doesn’t hurt, do you need to do anything about it? The answer is yes, and we explain why in this post.

Car accidents, sports injuries, even biting down on hard candy or ice, can result in a chipped tooth. Depending on where the tooth is in your mouth there may or may not be cosmetic issues, but there are other considerations too. 

At Preva Dental, Dr. Prathima Rasamsetty and her staff want to help you enjoy the best possible oral health. And while we know you may not mind how a chipped tooth looks, you should be aware of the dangers it can present. 

We offer emergency dental services as well as restorative services, so help is available when you have a chipped tooth.

It’s a minor problem — until it’s not

The chip or crack in your tooth might be small, but there’s a very real risk it will become a big problem. A tooth with a crack is likely to break. The jagged edges can injure your tongue or cheek.

One possibility is that Dr. Rasamsetty can reattach the chipped part of your tooth or use bonding to repair it so that it doesn’t get worse.

The cosmetic issue

Your smile is important, and even if your chipped or broken tooth doesn’t cause physical pain, it probably hurts how you look. Correcting a chipped or broken tooth can be done in a variety of ways, and we’re happy to help.

From a small chip to an abscess

A chip or a crack can lead to an infection in the soft inner tissue, or pulp, of your tooth. This type of infection is called an abscess. The chip or crack can provide an avenue for bacteria to reach the pulp of your tooth, where the nerves and blood vessels are located. Once the bacteria is there, it forms a pus pocket, and that is the abscess.


Although not all chips and cracks are terribly painful, they certainly can be. If you’ve exposed a nerve, it can hurt, and you need emergency dental care. If you can, bring the chipped or broken pieces with you, and use ice packs to ease the pain until you get here. 

If you’ve been living with a chipped or cracked tooth, schedule an appointment at Preva Dental in San Antonio, Texas now and get treatment so you don’t end up with a serious dental problem.